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The Advantages of a Church Having a Website Many people would argue that a church does not need a website. Such individuals believe that the church is a location of worship and not a business entity. The individuals are wrong since the aim of a church website is not to advertise. The essence of a church website is to connect, interact and inform its congregation on important news involving the church. It is crucial to understand a few benefits of having a church website, if your church doesn’t have a web presence. Be In Touch One, it’s essential to understand that the congregation of the church have residences in different regions. A majority of church goes lead busy lifestyles even if they get together physically on Sunday. As consequence, a website is the best way a church manages to keep in touch with the congregation. With a site in place, the congregation will know beforehand what activities are being planned plus the news concerning the church. Also members can easily download church newsletters wherever they are. By having a site, the congregation of church will have more unity since they are all updated. A church website is therefore an important information tool that should not be taken for granted.
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The people who argue that a church does not require a site don’t really get it. Assuming that a church site is created for the sole reason of advertising is wrong. Promoting the gospel to more folks is the main aim of a church website beside connecting with it’s congregation. Using a website, a church has the ability to reach people locally and to all corners of the world. This however does not meant that the message being broadcasted have any commercial intentions. A good website can help a church gain more members across the world. A quality site is well designed and is easy to navigate. New recruits can digest the content on site easily beside offering their feedback. In addition, years back the church could spread the gospel to more folks by physically traveling. However, technology has simplified the way the church can get in touch with more people. Donations A church website can enable more people to contribute towards spreading the message through donations. Spreading the gospel is a resource intensive undertaking thus having a donate button on the site makes sense. It’ good to remember that spreading gospel includes material help to the disadvantaged. If your church does not have a website because the people in charge think it’s expensive and too technical to maintain, then such people should be reminded that they are wrong. It is easy to have a church website with a software like wordpress on your side. It is also not expensive to have the site built.