Interest Places in Bandung

Bandung and West Java in general has been known since the first colonial era, the Dutch officials had been very fond of Bandung, this is because almost the entire region have cold temperatures and moist and well-liked them. In addition to the pretty women, were also suave, even when they are angry is still not too rough. In addition to that, of course, exceptional natural beauty and so spoil your eyes.
Bandung was called together as the “City of Flowers” is indeed known along with beauty girls. Local tourist from Jakarta very much been to Bandung sob, it is natural that the distance is not so much let alone been there Cipularang. But if you just dropped a day or two days at a time when only a sense exhausted, because when day off the road to Bandung jammed, will run out in the street just your time, well if you need a hotel to stay, you can see through hotel bandung indonesia
Bandung growing popularity since the opening of the toll lanes Cipularang, consequently the entrance more easily. So do not be surprised if a lot of people in Jakarta who use the weekend to remove themselves from the bustle of the work of select cities Bandung as mean. So of those for you who want to travel to Bandung so it can be watched together with a careful list of tourist sites in Bandung as you travel recommendations.
Parks Ghanesa
Tourist attractions in Bandung that one of the serving diverse bird fauna. Birds that there are birds that difficult steps are in place. Ghanesa park itself is the location of the conservation of birds protection measures in Indonesia. If you want to visit, where there are at Taman Ganesha Bandung Jl. Ganesha Bandung exactly in front of the university Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). He cried again, come to the park is free of charge without any Ghanesa in pungut budget entry.
Landmark Braga (Bandoeng Tempoe Doeloe)
Location tour that included history tour group in Bandung. Landmark Braga likewise known together as the “Bandung Tempoe Doeloe”. Why so? certainly not out of the relics of history shaped buildings of colonial leftovers that still woke up and standing strong, as if visitors there in colonial times. If want to come immediately to the place that was in the room that address Braga Landmark Building in Jalan Braga No. 129, Braga Bandung, West Java.
White crater
When they travel to the white crater experience that visitors will feel a little bit not the same from other natural attractions. The situation feels like in a snowy region, such as terrain-shaped white sand blanketed some of the major sights. Not only the visitors nevertheless confronted together greenish lake water that raised the situation kayak on the beach. Want to come? so, you can go to the place that was in the room Patuha, an existing mountain in West Java.
Cihampelas Walk (Ciwalk)
If at the beginning talked about the nature and history so the next time their turn tourist shop in Bandung. His name is commonly abbreviated Cihampelas Walk or Ciwalk. Here visitors will be spoiled rides shopping with the natural situation opens in the garden full of flowers. The presence of the addition of a new stand who bring Skybridge make shopping more unique situation. Even some expressed when a visit to Bandung without visiting these places which one can be sure will be very sorry.
Curug Dago
Dago waterfall is a vehicle shaped panorama nature waterfall along a height of 30 meters. Shortly own place there at an altitude of 800 meters. from sea level. In fact with the exception of natural scenic beauty as well as fountains, waterfall Dagi it nevertheless has the historical value of the kingdom of Thailand started since 1818 AD shaped two inscriptions that can be met there. No place in the Crooked hydropower. When a visitor approached, the tone has been splashing waterfalls can be heard from a distance of 200 meters.