How to Start a Small Business in Ottawa

Do you want to become a successful entrepreneur with a small business in Ottawa?

Starting a business of your own can be likening to treasure hunting without using a map. You know exactly what your target is, but you are not certain on the steps you need to take along the way. Worry less if you want to setup a business by buying one because there is a website called business for sale Ottawa to extend help for you.

Refer to this guide as it walks you through the steps and process in setting up a small business here.

Business Number

Business Number is related to a business as a Social Insurance Number that is related to an individual. This number is issued by CCRA when you are registering for CCRA accounts including GST, corporate income tax, payroll deductions and exporter or importer. It is used in simplifying and streamlining CRA interaction. A Business Identification Number is given along with your Business License issued by the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services.

Legal Business Registration

Register the name of your business as a sole proprietor or as a partner under a business name other than the appropriate legal name. Your business must be registered online through the Service Ontario website, Canada Revenue Agency website, or in person through the Service Ontario Counter.

If you are not certain whether you will run business through partnership, as a corporation or as a sole proprietor, you can always consult an accountant or as a lawyer since every operating structure comes with different tax and legal implications.

Connection to Investment or Business Service Providers

Look into institutions or groups offering business-related services for the development of your business. Join workshops led by experts of specific industries and those, which are free and open to the public to get great information for entrepreneurs.

Writing-Off Business Expenses or Expenditures

Business expenses can be deducted if they are incurred for income generation. You have to support your claim for expenses. This can be made possible if you keep receipts and vouchers related to business and record all expenses used in your business operation in a journal. Such expenses may include advertising expenses, licenses, legal fees, bank charges, vehicle expenses, maintenance and repair, meals and entertainment, and costs of goods sold.

Business License

It is highly recommended to visit the City of Ottawa website’s business licensing section to make sure that your enterprise complies with the city by-laws. You may also check its entrepreneur-designed online service as a resource as it simplifies the search for business license and permit information from all levels of the government. Some business activities require a license or permit. In most cases, the municipal, provincial or federal government issues licenses or permits granted to businesses.

It may not be that easy to start your own business then grow it, having a guide to get everything better if not the best is significant. Just have the courage to make things appropriately and strive for success in business.