3 Tips for Separating Your Work Life from Your Home Life

When running a business, separating one’s work like from their home life can seem next to impossible. Although a small handful of entrepreneurs make it look easy, maintaining a comfortable work life / home life balance proves tremendously trying for many business owners. However, while it’s true that achieving the aforementioned balance is difficult, doing so is well within the abilities of most entrepreneurs, be they fledgling or established. If past attempts at separating your work life from your home life have proven unsuccessful, the following pointers may come in handy.

1. Let Go of the Need to Micromanage Everything

Many business owners feel the need to micromanage every facet of their respective enterprises. This habit is often formed when companies are getting their start and can be fairly difficult to break. After an enterprise finds its footing and attracts a talented staff, there typically isn’t a need for the person at the top to meticulously oversee everything. Not only will this negatively impact your home life, it also stands to aggravate your employees and increase workplace stress. Conversely, abandoning the desire to micromanage can provide you with more family time and a happier workforce. Go here to find out more about the consequences of obsessive micromanaging.

2. Be Wary of Giving Out Your Private Number

Receiving calls from clients and employees during leisure hours can put a damper on one’s personal life. Giving certain individuals access to your private number essentially means that you’re always on call. To prevent this, consider utilizing a virtual receptionist and being very selective about whom you give your personal number to. A virtual receptionist like Google Voice will enable you to select which number certain calls are routed to, as well as which are sent directly to voicemail. Additionally, callers are completely unaware that their calls are being screened, so there’s no reason to fear touched nerves or hurt feelings.

3. Separate Workspaces from Living Spaces

It’s hardly unusual for people to take their work home. However, when circumstances dictate that you do so, it’s strongly recommended that you tackle this work in a designated workspace, like a home office. Frequently working in your den, kitchen or bedroom practically guarantees that the line between workspace and living space will become blurred.

Balancing one’s commitment to their family with their professional obligations can be a tricky tightrope to walk. It should be noted, however, that it’s not quite as perplexing as many entrepreneurs think. Taking the previously discussed tips to heart can help business owners achieve a healthy work life / home life balance and prove highly beneficial to both areas of their lives.